Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 9 - Ray Traced 3d

 Ray Traced 3d

1. Make some text
2. Make it 3d
3. Top right corner click classic 3d button
4. In the dialogue box toggle to Ray traced 3d and apply
5. Geometry Options >
      Bevel Style
      Bevel Depth
      Extrusion Depth
6. Add a light to the compostion
7. Add an image behind the text, make it 3d
8. On the image hit selects light- no
9. Mess with the Material options of the Beveled Text

When you put a light on an object.
You can disable the light on the other objects behind it so it does not effect it.

Material Options
Accepts Light -  No

Before - After
With Transparency in the Material Options (not transform transparency)

How to do Reflection
1. (No transparency in the material options)
2. Set up the image like this :
 3.Turn up Reflection Intensity
4. Move the image around until you see it reflected in the text
5. * You can turn 'Appears in Reflections' to ONLY so that it doesn't get in the way of the camera

6. Environment layer -- it makes a sphere and your text is inside the sphere.
    Set Appears in Reflections to Only
    The image needs to be large or seemless or else it will be stretched and have  a seem